Miracles of the Church

Church Miracles

This website is devoted to the many Miracles of the Church that have occured throughout the ages including the incorruptible bodies of the Saints, extraordinary miracles of the Eucharist, the miraculous blood of St Januarius, the Miraculous Medal- The Virgin Mary's appearences to St Catherine Laboure, and also Jesus comes alive -the miraculous crucifix of Limpais, and also marvels surrounding the relics of the Saints, the Miraculous Mystical Voice from the next world and many others.

By contemplating these extraordinary graces of God, it is hoped that those who visit here will be inspired with a greater love and devotion for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit -He who lives and reigns forever and ever, Amen.

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-All for the greater glory of God!

Some of the Miracles of the Catholic Church:

The Miraculous Crucifix of Limpias -Jesus comes alive on the Cross
"...In order to ensure against any self deception, I ask my neighbour for a field-glass, use it repeatedly, and even get three others lent to me, and see always the same thing. So I come to the conclusion that what I see is no illusion, but the truth. Completely calmed down, I notice that the Saviour gazes now here, now there for a longer time to the left, and then again up to heaven. They were sad glances, those of one searching everywhere for something that will alleviate the pain that is pressing heavily on his heart. There were sometimes stern looks, as well, in which suppressed anger, grave reprimand, loathing, shame, and great grief, were expressed simultaneously.

"Three times in particular He looked with terrible severity towards the left side. Once He followed with His gaze something that seemed to be approaching Him and came right under the Cross, so that His Eyes looked down almost vertically, and that I saw His Face nearly in profile, without knowing how He could move it thus, as I stood opposite to Him. When the object in question arrived under Him, He looked at it as if He would say: 'Oh, wicked one! Right under the Cross do you come to insult Me.' At the same time He showed the greatest repugnance, and now, suddenly, the Christ made a movement as if He wished to detach Himself from the cross, and as if He would say, 'I can do no more.' When I saw this I very nearly gave a scream and wanted to throw myself on the object, whatever it was. But I kept quiet and did nothing, and did not even stir. I heard a few words in a tone of bitterest complaint, which I do not, to this day, feel disposed to publish. Nor can I say how I heard and understood these words.

"Hereupon He turned His Eyes towards Heaven with an expression of the most intimate pleading. His expression was heartrending; His Eyes shone so full of tears that twice in particular He could no longer see, and it seemed as if they would run over. Only once I saw Him look comforted, or it would be better to say that He gave a look of inward relief...."
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The Incorruptible Bodies of the Saints:
St Charbel died on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, 1898 at the age of 70, having been a priest for 39 years. According to monastic tradition, the body was not embalmed, but was dressed in a simple cassock and was placed in the monastery chapel for 24 hours. The body was then conveyed to the monks' burial chamber in the presence of his confreres and village folk who had braved the snow and cold to witness the interment.

The burial chamber consisted of a large subterranean room located partially beneath the high altar of the chapel. Those who descended into this chamber found the ground covered with rainwater that converted the floor into a veritable swamp. In view of this situation the body was not laid on the ground as was customary, but was placed on two planks which did not prevent the water and mud from encroaching upon and subsequently submerging it. The entrance to the vault was closed with a great stone.

Miraculously, the villagers who lived in houses facing the monastery saw a great light over the tomb the night following the burial, a phenomenon that recurred for 45 nights. This apparition of light, together with the enthusiasm of the townspeople, encouraged the ecclesiastical authorities to open the tomb and transfer the remains to a grave more accessible to the villagers who wished to pray beside it.

The tomb was subsequently opened on April 15, 1899 in the presence of the community and 10 witnesses who had been present at the burial four months earlier. They were unanimous in testifying that the water had undermined the burial ground, turning the tomb into a quagmire, and remarkably the monk's body was actually floating on the mud.

When the body was cleaned it was found perfectly incorrupt, the muscles supple, with the hair of his head and beard intact. At this time it was also noticed that a serum mixed with blood seeped from the pores. They placed the body in a wooden coffin that was glassed on top, and carried it into a small monastic oratory. From then on, because of the great amount of blood seeping from the body, the clothing of the saint was changed twice weekly. News of the phenomenon prompted ever increasing numbers of visitors who for 27 years were permitted to view and touch the body.
Among the men of medicine who examined the body was Dr. Elias Elonaissi who declared on November 16, 1921:

"I observed that the pores emitted a matter like sweat; a strange and inexplicable thing according to the laws of nature, for this body that has been dead for so many years. I have renewed the same examination many times, at different periods; the phenomenon has always been the same."

Another physician, Dr. George Choukrallah, examined the body a total of 24 times during 17 years and declared:

"I have always been astonished at its state of preservation and especially this reddish liquid exuded by it. .. My personal opinion based on study and experience, is that this body is preserved by a supernatural power."

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Extraordinary Miracles of the Eucharist
Around the year 1225 there was a woman living in Santarem, who was very unhappy with her marriage. She was convinced that her husband did not love her, and was unfaithful. She initially tried numerous things to win back the affection of her husband, but to no avail. As a desperate last attempt, she went to a sorceress. The sorceress promised the wife that her husband would return to his loving ways, if the wife would bring her a Consecrated Host.

This of course greatly frightened the woman, because she knew it was sacrilege, but nevertheless she finally gave in to the idea. She went to Mass at the Church of St. Steven, and received Communion, but did not consume the Host. Instead, she left the Church immediately, and took the Host out of her mouth, putting It into her veil. She then went to the sorceress.

Along the way, the Host began to bleed inside the veil. The wife was not aware of it until passersby brought it to her attention, thinking she herself was bleeding. Panic struck the woman and instead of going to the sorceress’ house, she rushed home. She then put the bloody veil containing the Host into the bottom of a trunk, not knowing what else to do. When her husband came home, she said nothing.

Later in the night she and her husband were suddenly awakened by mysterious bright rays of light that were coming from the trunk, penetrating the wood and illuminating the entire room. The wife then confessed her sin to her husband and both of them knelt in adoration for the remaining hours until dawn, when the parish priest was called......
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The Miraculous Mystical Voice from Purgatory
"...For scarcely had the Livingston family been relieved from the renewed torments of the spirit(s) than they were visited by a consoling Voice, which remained with them for seventeen years. It has been strongly believed that this Voice came from some soul suffering in purgatory, who for some reason was permitted by God to visit, console and to instruct the family in the Catholic faith. And so it was that one night a bright light awoke Mr. Livingston, and a clear, sweet voice told him to arise, call his family together and to pray. He did so, and the mysterious Voice prayed with them, guiding and leading their prayers. After prayers the Voice from the other side then spoke to them, in the most simple yet eloquent manner, of all the great mysteries of the Catholic faith to which they had just recently assented, but with only a limited instruction and understanding.

One night the Voice made the Livingstons get up three times to pray for a certain soul in Purgatory. And when one of the girls began to think- "...after all, the souls could have saved themselves and they deserved their pains! And besides the whole thing is exaggerated" when suddenly they all heard a voice shrieking: "Help! Help!" When asked what kind of help was needed it replied, "Prayers, for we are in excruciating torments."
At that moment a human hand was burned into a nearby piece of clothing, leaving the spaces between the fingers not scorched. The entire family saw both the flame and the hand. -Click here for more of the Mystic Voice from the next life